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Dr. Manhattan by scarredblue
Dr. Manhattan
After the drawing, I re-watched the film. Dr. Manhattan is an amazing character though with his Godly he still has that part of being human. As I'd quote, "I could change almost everything but the only thing I can't change is, Human Nature".
I am Groot by scarredblue
I am Groot
Groot Dance  Groot is a Giant root. The reason why I love the Guardians is because of him. 
Cat Flame Paws by scarredblue
Cat Flame Paws
All of them are amazing characters. I have been following this manga for how many years already. And not one I happen to hate. Enki as I would dub her the flame mistress looked dashing with her ever cute cats...

~it took me time to finish it. Had to do lots of revisions since I didn't like how the other art for the character looked like. Good thing I came out with the proper look right away. Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
I don't know where and how to begin with, probably I'd start out last month. Writing this felt like an instantaneous drop of ice cold water in my head. To begin with, we had our first experimental cosplay shoot. I was very glad to have cosplayed Shinpachi that time. I was hesitant at first you see 'cause the character the type who gets left behind and picked on by anyone else on the series. What made me think twice was can i really give the character that justice it needs or am I fit for him. What then it just went so fast and I was there putting those glasses on and pull out my inner Shinpachi.

Moving forward, everyone else felt excitement and fear together, fear of the whole shoot put i to waste.

I came earlier than the others involved with the project. A few minutes after they arrived as was almost ready myself when Ren got the feeling of transferring to another location because we had not anticipated that there 'll be lots of people doing their morning jogs. Out of despair, it came to our minds to postpone things and move it on another date. But fate plays unexpectedly when we came across our old high school where we used to enter. The close was clear, no one was on the guard's station nor anyone from the faculty. it was as smooth as Team Yorozuya's efforts of getting money and the rest was history.

With the feeling of nostalgia and adrenaline rush (the thrill of getting caught trespassing public property...hahahaha) we had our shoot with timer-san~official Furaito photographer~and learned in an instant some photography skills we thought we'd never get to and had it the first place. We went crazy and had fun as the whole experienced had us asking for more. Though we didn't get to see the shots because the battery run out of power.

1924957 10201668289564345 1350500771 N by scarredblue
Sneaking out of nowhere, Kagura tries to see what Gin has on his teddy notepad...I mean notebook. ( One thing about this is that I don't take any photography lessons nor take any professional training. Good thing it just came out of nowhere).

1013335 10201668315925004 473753531 N by scarredblue
Now Kagura's trying to get that yummy Loli..wait I want that too. ~We were like photographers on our own way..and was surprising each one has that on them...hahahaha~

1016563 10201667944715724 904205926 N by scarredblue

1795709 10201667945515744 1720500534 N by scarredblue
Self portraits? Nah just want to see how far we could do.

1622267 10201668050278363 1456252189 N by scarredblue
And just when everything was right in place..then came we went seesaw on the bench. 

1780743 10201673860983627 1789129726 N by scarredblue
Sunbathing..having fun..did you know you get Vitamin B in the sun..really you didn't oh well that's a share of information. 

1939916 10201667730350365 912760325 N by scarredblue
Okay this isn't a wacky post nor I was idolizing Gin. Kagura just feels different at times we need it...hahaha..hilariously fun. Never did we expected this would come out like this. 

1982349 10201675216057503 704364257 N by scarredblue
Gin-chan do you think we'd pass as Vocaloid singers? What dya think? (Gin and Shinpachi are working on a new vocaloid song they hooked up using the software with Miku Hatsune and Kaito sin-ging, The song Title:The Parody of a Sin-ger).

Shinpachi:Wait Gin-chan who's sin-ging Miku? 
Gintoki: You of course  
Shinpachi: WHAAAT!!?? X]

1904171 10201674933530440 1961734747 N by scarredblue

Ginpachi-sensei:Okay class it's time for Human Anatomy. Got all your books?
Shinpachi:Human Anatomy? (Speaking to himself)

1795662 10201667739710599 375610543 N by scarredblue1618653 10201667739670598 1482820232 N by scarredblue
Okay spot the difference..if you get it you will have a spank for a prize..:@ just kidding.

1907571 10201667945355740 857646599 N by scarredblue
Since when did a kid like you learn to smoke. Gin-chan millions have died because of that. Why don't you just read manga. Oops I heard One Piece is on hiatus but Hunger X Hunger is back. 

It was also like a send out party for juhaihai since she will be leaving for a trip to Japan later that for Anime Expo 2014.

Left we'd only me and Ren in the country, it was like doomsday for the both of us. We had nothing to do. I wasn't in the mood to do illustration work. Ren had the feeling of not pursuing cosplay. Everything was like the end of the road for us. Thanks to Shem. he gave us light and the sparks to go on. And it was fun also to hear things from Jin (yep Jin Joson herself-received from exchanges of words through cyberspace) and that moment Liui Aquino acknowledge Ren over that Howl photo he did. Never knew Ren was so fund of Liui until that came. And then came that juhaihai was also at the same event as BlackMageAlodia but didn't get to stumble upon her because there were lots of goodies this fun loving artist would like to buy. it didn't happen anyway that they met during the event.

Fnsdfusd 002 by scarredblue
(Omiyage or shouls I say fruit drops. Enjoyed predicting what color of candy will drop on the palm of our hands and forgot it when everything else left were plain boring white candies)

Days flew so fast that we only knew it was almost the end of March. juhaihai already arrived and gave away souvenirs fresh from Japan. I received anime flyers of
Space Dandy and Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus, Bakumatsu Rock anime-manga and Dontewarau previews, also there was series guides from TV Tokyo which are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, an omiyage, fruit drops which is reminiscent of the canned candies Setsuko from Grave of the Fireflies eat and not to mention that very CUTE!!! Jean gashapon of the Shingeki no Kyojin series. A gift I long been waiting. Anyway thanks again to those who greeted me another year younger, may you all receive bountiful blessings this year as well.

Fnsdfusd 005 by scarredblue
Fnsdfusd 001 by scarredblue
Gashapon and cellphone straps I got through out the years. I really love that Jean Kirstein one...isn't it adorable...and as I say..Iw ant a nendroid version. Pls!!!! And did I mention gashapon capsules look like Pokeballs? or is it just me.
Fnsdfusd 003 by scarredblue
Fnsdfusd 004 by scarredblue  
Kuroshitsuji DVD Box, Space Dandy, Dontewarau, Bakumatsu Rock flyers and TV Tokyo anime book list for the first half of the year are nice giveaways at the last Anime Expo Japan juhaihai grabbed for us. Ren even got a manga magazine made by college students.
Had also been reading books lately and not yet done with them. Still stock up with one though. Fnsdfusd 006 by scarredblue
Long days of reading this books makes me wonder when will i get to the end.

Fnsdfusd 031 by scarredblue
A cousin of mine loves doodling. Took a photo of the one he did on his board  

Aeea6f15676d10bc51f6b8171a10f2c6 by scarredblue

And here's a pick of our very own Free shoot a few months ago. Summer's almost gonna end in the Philippines but still it's a bit hot 'round this days. This wasn't really easy since each character are actually not the ones we usually do. But I kind of having fun doing Makoto already. However, I guess Rei had more fun during this shoot. I simply adored that shirt he's wearing. 

Also check out my


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